Consultation Fees

Life will change beautifully, successfully according to our mind set $ destiny. It will be absolutely easy to find by reading your horoscope…
I will guide you excellently by reading your horoscope…

You will be “safe, peaceful, confident, clear $ successful”, life long by “my astro, practical: guidance $ predictions”…

According to your horoscope, 
I will guide you excellently regarding your future…

Being a high profile professional astrologer in Delhi, My astro guidance $ predictions will be charged. 

Two Plans Below

  1. Sun Plan 2.Jupiter Plan

Sun Plan – $325 /per horoscope – 45- 60 Minutes call

  • All Things in One Table For 60 Minutes
  • 3 Months FREE Doubt Clearance
  • 60 Minutes Video Call Discussion
  • Free General Predictions
  • Free Recording will be given

Jupiter Plan – $10000 /per horoscope. – 365 days predictions

  • One Year Individual Guidance
  • Day by Day Prediction Analysis for 365 days
  • 12 Months Lucky dates , Careful dates , Normal dates
  • Video Call & 24/7 Support
  • FREE Mantras Chanting

  • I am 501% sure about my astro predictions $ guidance.

Thank you , Man of Confidence $ Success:
Shiva’s Radhan Pandit, New Delhi…