About Me

  • I am Radhan Pandit Vettrivel, native of Uthukuli, Tiruppur District, Tamilnadu State, India. I was born in a Full Moon Day night hour of Puratachi Tamil Month in 1964 which is the same day $ time of Lord Tirupati Balaji’s birth.
  • I am lucky $ blessed by my birth from my great parents Mr. Kannusamy, Mrs. Ambujam $Uthukuli. Basically, my parents were very hard workers, truthful $ fearless people. They defended some very bad anti-social elements with huge courage, strength $ confidence. They lived very successfully. Now I am the witness of their success.
  • I learned astrology from my high school Tamil Teacher Sri Pulavendanar excellently by a sweet way of guidance. My Guru Pulavendanar’s wife Mrs. Mari did nursing to my mother for my birth. I can say this life was gifted by my parents, Guru Pulavendanar $ his wife Mari Maa. In 1980s, I was the Uthukuli High School Cricket Team Captain, Erode CN College Cricket Team Captain, Erode 1stdivision Gymkhana Cricket Team Captain, played for Tiruppur Dhanalakshmi Mills. I was also selected for the Coimbatore Bharathiar University Cricket Team. I was a familiar batsman $ leg spinner in those days in my zone.
  • I approach my Astro Profession like as a cricketer only. I am leading my life brilliantly, confidently, consistently, bravely, elegantly $ consistently learning throughout my career.
  • 1989, I posted a postcard to J.Jayalalitha Mam for her best Astro fortune. She called me immediately, I met her 4, 5 times in 1989 $ 1990. I predicted her win in 1991 elections excellently. It happened as it is. In my last meeting of 1990, I told about her destiny which is bad between 1994 to 1997 in her Rahu Dasa, Rahu AndraDasa period. I predicted $ told her, chances for losing in 1996 elections even as an MLA is possible, she can go to jail or hospital in this period. I was immediately sent out by her saying the following words ‘I am not encouraging discouraging people, you may go now’.
  • As I said earlier, on 12.05.1996 she lost her MLA seat in Bargur, she called me on the same day to meet her. As I said earlier, She was arrested on 07.12.1996. Then only she accepted me as her astro guide.
  • I had a big name in Mumbai in 1996, 1997, 1998 with big people like those days Reserve Bank Deputy Governer Jagathish Kapoor, General Insurance Corporation Chairman SenGupta, IDBI Chairman Chakravarthy, Advocate Girish Gokale, One Great Mumbai High Court Judge, Actress Manisha Koirala,Tea Board Chairman Shom Shekar, Kashmir Ex CM Umar Abdulla’s wife Payal Abdulla, their son’s birth time I had given
  • In this period Mr. TTV Dhinakaran sent by Mrs. Sasikala Madam for important work in Mumbai. Entirely I managed that Mumbai work $ did that successfully. For this purpose, Mrs. Sasikala Madam called $ thanked me. She encouraged there after continuously. Thereafter Jayalalithaa Amma told me to stay with her in Chennai center $ she suggested dropping my Mumbai trips for my Astro earnings. Jayalalithaa Amma had taken care of my life excellently from that day to 2007.
  • Those days I was the one who suggested election candidates astrologically. People like Tiruppur Sivasamy, Chennai Valarmathi were got MLA seats by my personal suggestions with AMMA. SemaVelusamy was promoted as Minister, Pollachi Jayaraman got back his Minister post by my personal suggestions with AMMA.
  • Out of Amma’s 13 court cases, she won 12 cases by my astro guidance $ confidence. Court date $ timing selections $ advocate choices had been according to my astro guidance only. Senior Advocate Jothi knows my entire influence in these cases $ Amma’s relationship also.
  • I changed Amma’s name from “J.Jayalalitha to J.Jayalalithaa”. It is 23 to 24 number value changes. This name taken her to her great peak up to her death. She enjoyed and lived as most as a very famous $ powerful person with 10 years as Tamilnadu CM. Being a legend, her life was extended successfully up to her death.
  • I only changed Mrs. Sasikala mam’s name from “N.Sasikala to V.K.Sasikala”. It is 20 to 23 number value changes. This name has given her most safety $ all great life up to AMMA’s end. By the discussion with Amma, My numerology technique used to select the name of ‘MIDAS Distilleries’. I only finalized ‘Jaya TV’ all emblems $ screening positions.
  • I only matched $ managed Mrs. Elavarasi’s all 3 Children Mrs. Krishnapriya, Mrs. Sakila $ Vivek’s marriages. In the meantime, the legend politician, truthful, hardworking, brilliant gentleman Sri. Muthusamy, Ex-Minister, Erode blessed me. He cared $ guided me like his younger brother. So, Jayalalithaa Amma $ Sri Muthusamy Anna’s blessings had taken me to a royal status life.
  • 2008 beginning I moved to Delhi by a big force, compulsion, disturbance, torture by a leading political family. As a challenge, I dropped my name ‘Pandit Vettrivel’ $ changed as ‘Radhan Pandit’ in my Delhi life. I become very successful in Delhi without knowing Hindi, still, I am managing astro meetings by speaking English only. I proved myself as brilliant Astrologer of India.
  • I got the relationship of great legend Sri L.K.Advaniji as like my guru or guide through my Astro brilliancy only. I am traveling throughout India $ also other countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka $ Extra. I’m having more than 750+ clients $ immense followers throughout the world.
  • God is there to save $ guide good people like me. I proved $ continuing beautifully, happily, sincerely $ successfully.

Thank you,

Shiva’s Radhan Pandit Vettrivel, New Delhi