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Problem never ends in our life. vedic astrology has shown a path to escape the problem & remedies as well


Marriage made in heaven In vedic astrology inscriptions revealed that love matching compatibility of couple life


How Bill gates & Mark Zuckerberg ruled the world through technology ? In vedic system I can predict your business life


1989, I posted a postcard to J.Jayalalitha Mam for her best astrology fortune. She invited me for a discussion

I met her 4, 5 times in 1989 $ 1990.

I excellently predicted her win in 1991 elections. It happened

In my last meeting of 1990, I told her that between 1994 to 1997 in  Rahu Dasa, Rahu Andra Dasa period bad for you

I predicted $ told her, chances for losing in 1996 elections even as an MLA is possible, she can go to jail or hospital in this period

I was immediately sent out by her saying the following words ‘I am not encouraging discouraging people, you may go now’.

As I said earlier, on 12.05.1996 she lost her MLA seat in Bargur, she called me on the same day to meet her.

Even she was arrested on 07.12.1996. finally, she accepted me as her astrology guide  Read More


Astrology is math & science with many branches. Though basically, the position of the stars and planets are used to make predictions, the other branches of astrology such as numerology, use numbers such as your birth date to predict your lucky dates and years, life etc... Read More


I Provide astrology services according to your birth chart .My 501% predictions will guide your life successfully for more detailed explanation visit my services page


According to Numerology, a lot can be predicted and foreseen about people, their personalities and future, events and their possible occurrences by studying and analyzing the numbers related to them

Temple Pooja

We do perform pooja to get powerful blessings from prominent South Indian Temple .All your problems solved in 48 days or 108 days 101% guarantee


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$3000 USD1 year astro guidance ( India)
  • One Year Individual Guidance
  • Day by Day Prediction Analysis will be given
  • 12 Months Lucky date ,Careful date ,Normal date
  • Face to Face Discussion or Skype Call
  • FREE Mantras Chanting
$325 USD60 Minutes (INDIA)
  • All Things in One Table For 60 Minutes
  • 3 Months FREE Doubt Clearance
  • 60 Minutes Video Call Discussion
  • Face to Face Discussion
  • Free Recording will be given
  • Cesarean Child Birth Timing - $750 USD
  • Name by Numerology - $500 USD
  • Referring Gems by horoscope - $250 USD
  • Company Name - $400 USD
  • Horoscope Matching - $250 USD
£ 6900 Pounds1 year guidance (Abroad)
  • One Year Individual Guidance
  • Day by Day Prediction Analysis will be given
  • 12 Months Lucky date ,Careful date ,Normal date
  • Face to Face Discussion or Skype Call
  • FREE Audio Recording
  • FREE Mantras Chanting
£ 1200 Pounds45 Minutes (ABROAD)
  • All Things in One Table For 45 Minutes
  • Know Your Future Endeavors For 30 Days
  • Face to Face Discussion
  • 45 Minutes Video Call Discussion
  • Above 45 Minutes Extra Charges May Apply*
  • Get 30 Days Prediction in PDF format
£ 1000 Pounds60 Minutes (ABROAD)
  • All Things in One Table For One Hour
  • Marriage, Business, Land, Home, Love etc..
  • List Out Your Problems In The Sheet
  • Face to Face Discussion
  • Skype Call
  • Above One Hour Extra Charges May Apply

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